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Atoms, Elements & Molecules1

Euthis Buttes

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1.All the particles are touching but still free to move in this state of matter, water is a l____d. (6)
4.This chemical table might be on the wall, now and then (8)
6.If all the atoms are of the same type we have an _______. Or is it on the stove? (7)
8.This is what happens when something dries, all of the water has gone into the sky. (11)
10.Chemical element found in all life and in the greenhouse C_____ Dioxide
11.Freeing water molecules from the clutches of their brothers and sisters, Get the Kettle on for this. (7)
14.Oh to breathe this gas is essential, it's the vital part of air (6)
15.A successful theory will allow correct p_______s to be made about what will happen in given conditions (10)
16.When the particles are least free, things are in the s___d state, ice is s___d water. (5)
17.The process of making water into a solid, Or stopping movement. (7)
19.If two or more atoms bond they can form a m_______, eg H2O, or CO2 (8)
22.Drink to H2O, this is the liquid of life between 0 And !00 degrees C. (5)
24.Most of the elements are these shiny, conductors like gold or copper or iron,
25.Smallest possible particle of an element,but still it, or 1st half of the alphabet (4)
27.This carbon crystal is the hardest to find, but worth a lot, and glistens in light. (7)
2.English scientist who proposed a model to explain gases reacting and the volumes involved (6)
3.Water turns into this when it boils, It takes up more space and can push a train. (5)
5.Unable to be seen, Atoms are in_______. (9)
7.A measure of the amount of heat in something, but you don't want one. t_________e. (11).
9.Different forms of an element like diamond and graphite for Carbon All____pe (9)
12.To change from solid to liquid or liquid to gas is a p_______ change. (8)
13.Include aitch too, this is the lightest gas, in water too or two & top of the pops (8)
18.The lightest state of matter, like air, turn the sag around by filling the balloon with this
19.A possible explanation proposed for some process that cannot be properly observed, and catwalk dweller. (5)
20.Atoms or molecules can arrange themselves into these regular shapes, like salt or quartz (7)
21.To say there are different forms of matter, like solid liquid and gas, and NSW is one (5)
23.Another word for gas that starts with a v. Don't have an attack of these. (6)
26.This describes the change of state of chocolate in ones pocket, Heat causes it to ____. (4)

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