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E4 Review

1 2
3 4            
6     7 8       9
11               12 13              
14     15                 16  
      18   19              
  20           21
    22         23
24 25                      
      26 27      
  28                 29  

4.When does Gaby want to study on page 145?
5.How old is Josh on page 113?
6.Who failed all his exams on page 113.
11.You leave this is no one answers the phone.
12.Where might childcare students find work on page 117?
15.What's the past participle of forget?
17.The name of the famous river in St Petersburg, page 175.
19.Where do you go to buy medicine? p.119
20.What can you do on page 132, picture h?
22.People travel along these in Venice, page 175.
25.Remington and Sons made this on page 121.
27.What's the opposite of far? See page 133.
28.What do you have to show on page 132
30.What did Richard go past on page 130?
31.The type of buildings in Kyoto, page 175.
1.Police officers used these to call for help before walkie-talkies on page 121.
2.You get one of these from a university. Page 112.
3.What did Richard go over on page 130?
7.Which city is Francine going to on page 113?
8.You wait on this at a station. See page 131, ex 2.
9.Which school subject is all about the past on page 112?
10.Another country, out of Saudi Arabia. See page 127, ex 2.
11.Who is from Turkey on page 128?
13.What do you call someone who has no job and is looking for work? Page 112.
14.What's the past participle of keep?
16.Picture f on page 122
18.What is Switzerland's highest mountain on page 131?
21.What's the past participle of take?
23.What's the name of the special people who wtote letters in Ancient Egypt on page 120?
24.When students leave school they need to choose one of these. See page 112, ex 2.
26.You can't walk on this on page 132.
29.What did Will drive after he left school? See page 113.

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