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Water Table and Ocean Diversity

Grade 8 Science

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1.the amount of salt in water
4.the uppermost level that the ground water reaches under the ground
6.water that falls on land and collects in rivers, streams, lakes, and ponds
7.shelf of land that extends out from the edge of a continent below the Oceans surface
10.water-bearing formation
13.deepest water of a lake. No light penetrates, so no plants grow here
15.most of the Earth is covered in a salty solution we call...?
16.all the areas of land that drain water into one main lake or river
17.deepest parts of the ocean
19.water that has collected underground
20.area of a lake from the shore down to where aquatic plants stop growing
2.area along the shorline of the ocean
3.the erosion of the Earths crust and the draining away caused by
5.the point where fresh water mixes with salt water
8.ground water replenished by seasonal rains and snow
9.brings water to the surface where it can be used
11.deeper, open water area that still has light penetration
12.term used to describe anything related to the ocean
14.area of fresh water from rivers and streams that mix with salty water from oceans
18.A hole in the ground used to access ground water

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