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OZ Volunteers

Char Schweinfurth

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1.When zoo parents get to see behind the scenes
2.The head volunteer for the event, who could not do it all without all your help
3.Time to put your best serving hand forward (2 Words)
5.Volunteer who is a jack of all trades, assisting with breaks and whatever may come up
7.Mik and Nik are just the right colors for this event around their birthday time
9.Organizes breaks for the red shirts and community volunteers in their area, such as arts and crafts or games (2 Words)
10.Summer fun on the lawn
12.Families get to camp on the concert lawn and hear owl stories
13.Watch out for large "animals" roaming the zoo and their helper elves (2 Words)
14.Packy and Rama's birthdays--don't forget to wear your ears!
1.Foundation's large event on a nice summer evening (2 Words)
2.When you arrive do not forget to ____ _____ with the chair/co-chair (2 Words)
4.At the entry way, to assist the excited visitors regarding the event of the day
6.For the young at heart (2 Words)
8.Bring your own basket for the goodies "hidden" on the lawn (2 Words)
11.Sometimes referred to as volunteer enrichment as a joke, but all can partake and enjoy

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