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1 2             3
4               5 6  
  8                     9  
  11               12      
  17           18  
20           21      

2.For a cargo ship to float this force must be greater for a canoe to float.
4.Oil is an example of this and it works to reduce friction.
8.This means to get faster.
11.This is bigger on Jupiter than Earth.
13.Racing cars have a streamlined shape to reduce this force.
15.When a skydiver jumps out of an aeroplane they accelerate because the forces are ....
16.One of the products of lots of friction.
17.Forces are measured in ______________.
19.One of the products lots of friction.
20._________ can be pushes, pulls or turns.
21.The speed of an object is calculated by dividing the distance travelled by the _______.
22.This type of surface has greater friction.
1.When two opposing forces are equal, we say they are balanced.
3.When a falling object reaches its top speed, it has reached ______________ ______________.
5.A cheetah chases its prey over a distance of 100m for 4 seconds. This its speed in metres per second.
6.The frictional force when and object moves through a fluid such as water.
7.Friction is an example of a ______________ force
9.Magnetism is an example of this type of force.
10.This means to get slower.
12.Without this force we would not be able to stop or slow down.
14.This force is used to close the double doors in the corridor.
18.Most newton meters rely on ____________ stretching.

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