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#letisaacbegreat - lyrics challenge!


Every clue is taken from a song that Isaac sings lead on. If it's in quotes, it's a direct lyric. Others are disguised as puzzles. Good luck!

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2."Isn't __________ all you need"
5."You're my _______ the thing that keeps me holding on"
7.The ballerina fell by this
9.# of tears
11.On this night, I'm feelin' fine (cover song)
13.Precipitation falls down from these
14.Also the name of a tune by Blondie
15."You had my _____ on your plate"
18."It's not __________ when she's away" (cover)
19.This object can crush a heart.... or a building.
20.Little Saint Nick's gotta wear these
22.Name of the 5lb Chihuahua
25."If only just a ________ of love remains"
26.The seas are doing this (action)
27.Space is needed for this.
28.They are on the wall..... and everywhere
29.Steppenwolf Cover
1."I'm caught between _________ and me"
3."Sometimes I get wrapped up In always being __________"
4.You can't stop the race of this
5."People say that we're ____________"
6.Two songs (that are Isaac leads) have this word in their titles
7."You ignited a __________ in me"
8.If the relationship is not in distress, there's no need to send this signal out.
10."So Lovely" mentions this type of royalty.
12.We got caught in this city (two words)
16."I can't see beyond the ________"
17."I'm broken, beaaten, barely ___________"
21." My _________ sounds like thunder when I wake"
23.Regrets taste this way.
24."Even though the road gets ___________"

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