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Olympic Games

Nataliya Lenskaya

3   4   5    
    7 8  

2.The first closing ceremony was held in
3.In 1980 the Olympic Games were held in
6.The first modern Olympics were held in
9.In 1948 London organised the games for soldiers disabled in World War II. These games are known as
10.The games at Olympia were also a religious festival dedicated to
11.They were not allowed to attend the ancient games at Olympia
12.For the first time gold, silver and bronze medals were awarded in
1.The olympic Games were renewed by
4.This was only the second Olympiad to be held in the Southern hemisphere
5.The four-year period between the start of one games and the next became known as an
7.The first Olympic Games were held in 776 BC in
8.There were no prizes but winners were crowned with leaves from the scared

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