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Broadcasting Bad Health

Ms. G

Use the last three pages of the booklet to complete this puzzle

2       3  
4 5              
  11 12              
  14                   15

2.Soft drink companies focus on the teenage market by sponsoring _________ events
5.________sponsored a singing contest in India - aimed at teens.
7.Pepsi and Coke spend over 2.2 _________ in a single year for advertising
8.This promotion doubled the sales of Kids Club Meals (Burger King) in the US
9.McDonalds offers fast food to children as a reward for doing well in _____________
12._________ thought athletes paid to be in ads to promote themselves rather than being paid to promote products
14.McDonalds __________________ during children's TV and movies
17.Some of the most popular football (soccer) stars in the world promote this soft drinl
18.A Burger King childrens meal contains 24 - ______________ grams of fat (write out number)
19.one in 5 Americans eat fast food on a ___________ basis
20.McDonalds offers collectable _____________ with meals
1.When companies pay for the right to include characters on their packages (Teletubbies)
3.McDonalds makes their food _________________
4.the ability of children to influence what their parents buy
6.Burger King used Teletubbies because those characters had one ____________ viewers worldwide
10.Burger King had a successful promotion with this cartoon in 2002
11.The number of recent promotions listed for Burger King kids meals (write out number)
13.fast food popularity has been linked to rising rates of ______________ (no. really???)
15.McDonalds aims to make their food as ___________ available as possible
16.For every can or glass or sugar-sweetened drink consumed every day, risk of obesity jumped by _______ %

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