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Lecture 2

DISCLAIMER: The author of this puzzle denies responsibility for unsatisfactory exam performance sustained from studying this.

1 2 3  
4 5                  
    7     8

2.Also known as angel dust, this drug is an NMDA antagonist.
5.This mercury-based compound has caused autism-like behavior in mice, but hasn't been proven to do so in humans.
6.This condition is caused by excess cerebrospinal fluid pressure.
7.This receptor binds glutamate to increase neuronal activity.
10.This process describes the death of a cell that yields minimal inflammatory response.
11.Nitrous oxides and ketamines, both NMDA antagonists, belong to this class of drug.
1.Valproate and phenytoin, both sodium channel blockers, are examples of this type of drug.
3.This risky form of therapy aims to remove mercury from a patient.
4.The systematic name for this compound describes a component of beer & wine that has been known to cause birth defects & inhibit neuroneogenesis in teens.
8.Vaccinations have been claimed to be the cause of this largely-genetic disorder.
9.This receptor binds to barbituates to decrease neuronal activity.

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