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number system


definitions on topics related to the number system like real numbers, integers, whole numbers, rational and irrational numbers etc...

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1.22/7(pi) is an__________ number.
4.The size or ___________ of a finite set is a natural number.
6.A negative integer corresponding to a positive one on the real number line is called the positive ones' _______
7.All counting numbers include_______ numbers.
9.The __________ of 2 is an irrational number.
12.7/13 is a ________.
13.Negative numbers and whole numbers together form ________.
14.2,3,5,7 and 11 are _____ numbers.
16.An _________ number is any number that is a root of a non-zero polynomial with rational coefficients.
18.Corresponding to every +ve whole number on the real number line there is a ________ additive inverse.
19.First(1st), second(2nd) and third(3rd) are the first three _______ numbers.
20.An alternative word for exponent is _____.
2.A real or complex number is called a ______________ number if it cannot be found as a result of an algebraic equation with integer coefficients.
3.Zero along with counting numbers constitute_____numbers.
5.The ____ number line has both rational and irrational numbers on it.
8.The set of all ________ numbers is collectively denoted by Q.
10.A number whose square is a negative real number is _________.
11.The square of i .i.e. i*i =________.
15.Multiplying a number by itself gives you its ______.
17.A new entity obtained when real and imaginary numbers come together are called _______ numbers.

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