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Solar Power for Telecommunications

Adam Carter

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6.The current at which maximum power is available from a module.
8.The process to adding electrical energy to a battery.
9.The demand on a energy producing system.
10.Energy resulting from the flow of charge particles.
12.The maximum total electrical charge which a battery can deliver to a load under a specific set of conditions.
14.An integrated system of electricity distribution.
16.Two or more electrochemical cells enclosed in a container & electrically interconnected in an arrangement to provide operating voltage & current levels.
18.The material through which electricity is transmitted.
19.A standard unit of electrical power equal to 1000 watts.
22.The capability of doing work.
25.A component of a photovoltaic sysstem that controls the flow of current to & from the battery to protect it from over-charge & over-discharge (charge-?).
26.A metric unit of energy or work.
27.The smallest environmentally protected part intended to generate direct current power under unconcentrated sunlight.
28.The point on the current-voltage curve of a module under illumination.
29.An electrical device that allows current to flow in one direction only.
1.The withdrawal of electrical energy from a battery.
2.The solar power disity incident on a surface of stated area & orientation.
3.A unit of electrical current or rate of flow of electrons.
4.A photovoltaic material composes of variously oriented, small, individual crystals.
5.The flow of electrical energy in a conductor.
7.1,000 kilowatts or 1,000,000 watts
11.An interconnected system of pv modules that function as a single electricity-producing unit.
13.The direct, diffuse, and reflected solar radiation that strikes a surface.
15.A unit that converts a dc voltage to another dc voltage.
17.The two times of the year when the sun crosses the equator & night & day are of equal length.
20.Type of solar electric system that includes other sources of energy.
21.An elementary particle of an atom with a negative electrical charge.
23.The positive anode in an electrochemical cell.
24.An electrically charged atom or group of atoms that has lost or gained electrons.
27.Means of a power conditioning unit that automatically operates the photovoltaic generator at its maximum power point under all conditions.

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