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1 2 3
4                   5
8   9           10      
15                 16              
  17           18

4.The bones are held in place at these joints by tough bands of tissue called ___
6.The liquid part of blood is mostly water and is called _____.
7.Protein is made up of a large number of smaller units, or building blocks, called _____.
9.Ends of bones are covered with a smooth, slippery, thick layer of tissue called ______.
11.Two or more bones come together is a __________.
12.Arteries and veins are connected by microscopic blood vessels called _____.
13.They contain _____, which is a molecule that carries oxygen and carbon dioxide.
15._____ is the process that breaks down food.
16._____ are irregularly shaped cells fragments.
17.A tube called the _________ carries urine.
19.Food moves through your stomach in 2 hours to 4 hours and is changed into a thin, watery liquid called _____.
1.Bone's surface is covered with a tough, tight-fitting membrane called _____
2.Waves of muscle contractions, called _____.
3.A _____ is an organ that can relax, and contract.
5._____ usually are the main sources of energy for your body.
8.Your _____ is a muscle beneath your lungs.
10.Two upper chambers are called the _____.
14.Main organs of the urinary system are two bean-shaped _____.
16.Warmed, moist air then enters a tubelike passageway used by food, liquid, an air called the _____.
18.Shortness of breath, wheezing, or coughing can occur in a lung disorder called _____.

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