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Body systems

Jordan Farquharson

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1.the partly fluid and partly solid mass of incompletely digested food that passes from the stomach into the first part of the small intestine
4.tough band of tissue that holds bones toghther at joints
5.any of nomercus acids that in clude some witch are the building blocks of proteins and are made by living cells from simpler compounds or are obtainded an deit
8.muscle beneath the lung that contracts and relaxes to move gases in and out of the body
10.a chamber of the heart reseving blood from the veins
11.mechanical and chemical breakdown of food into small molecules can absorb and use
12.an elastic tissue witch composes most of the skeleton most of the vertebrate embryo and much of witch is changed to bone later in life
2.chemical in red blood cells that carries oxygen from the lungs to the body cells and carries some carbon dixide from body cells back to the lungs
3.any of various compounds of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen most of which are formed by plants and other major animal food
6.a condion that is maded by difficaltly breathing with wheezing, a feel of tightness in your chest, and caughing
7.any of the small blood vessels connecting the smaller arteries and veins
9.a bean shaped urinary system organ that is made up of about i million nephrons and filters blood producing urine

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