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Lecture 1

DISCLAIMER: The author of this puzzle denies responsibility for unsatisfactory exam performance sustained from studying this.

4   5            
6 7             8  
  9     10                
    11 12            

4.This steroid is produced from testosterone by aromatase.
7.Different brain areas do this to behavior.
9.A gene that produces testis determining factor.
10.This is shared between men and women, yet they respond differently to it.
12.Gender differences which are not only relative, can depend on this.
13.This travels from one end of the synapse to another.
14.The volume of this brain area was experimentally determined to be larger in homosexual men.
1.This steroid is produced from testosterone by 5-alpha-reductase.
2.This default system results from the absence of testosterone.
3.This gene results from the anomaly in which Sry is mistakenly attatched to an X chromosome.
5.This environmental factor determines the sex of some animals like the western swamp turtle.
6.Insensitivity to this class of steroid results in phenotypical females.
8.These types of hermaphrodites may convert to a different gender if needed.
11.This (prenatally) increases the incidence of homosexuality among rats & humans.

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