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Gary C.

mathematical statistics

1 2 3
5             6  
  8 9           10   11  
13             14  

4.use of the regression line to predict the values bigger and smaller than the data
5.if a histogram is peaking on the right it is negatively _?
7.The middle number of a set amount of numbers
8.displays the minimum and maximum values of the data together with the quartiles
12.Two ends that never meet
13.divided by the amount of numbers once you've added them all up
15.The _? can be weak, moderate, strong, negative or positive
16.the _? trend is on a steady increase or decrease with no major changes
17.difference between the highest and lowest values in a set of numbers
18.no way to predict a trend, could be caused by natural disasters, wars or new inventions
1.The number that occurs the most
2.The way one item is headed, either being popular or unpopular
3.use of the regression line to predict the values in between two values already in the data
5.Certain items fluctuate during the year in known as a _? trend
6.data that contains one variable is also know as
9.when one observations lies well away from other observations
10.gives a visual of the relationship between the two variables
11.data that contains two variables is also know as
14.a bar chart is also known as a _?

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