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Work and Education Crossword Puzzle

Leigh Weber

1 2      
4                 5    
      10   11          
  13   14          
16         17        

2.When a company decides to recruit a new employee. Verb = ______ someone
4.A teacher at the university level
6.One year of school for children between the ages of 4-6 years
9.If a customer is not happy with the service he received, he may file a _________
10.Because of the storm, we will have to _____________ today's meeting until Wednesday.
12.Verb - to "go to" a class, meeting, conference, etc.
13.The ___________ for your report is Monday at 3:00. It must be on my desk.
16.(Verb) to obtain less than 50% on an exam or in a class
17.An increase in your salary
1.(Verb) to take an exam in a dishonest way
2.The acronym "HR" stands for _________ __________. (2 separate words)
3.What is the noun form of the verb "retire" ?
4.(Verb) to obtain more than 50% on an exam or in a class
5.verb - (slang) - to put as much information as possible into your head the night before an exam
7.Math, French, and Chemistry are examples of school __________.
8.A subject or field of study chosen by a student to represent his or her principal interest
9.When you complete a university course, you receive 3 __________.
11.Pencils, paper, notebooks, etc. are examples of office or school ____________.
14.(Verb) to submit an application to enter a university or to have a job; usually followed by the preposition "for"
15.I'm not working on Friday. I decided to take the day ___________.

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