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Chemistry Crossword

Veronica Vary

A crossword in Chemistry.

1 2               3
5                   6      
    7 8 9  
10   11 12              

2.A property that describs a substance.
4.Niether acidic or basic; with a pH of 7
5.Attraction of positive and negative ions in an ionic compound.
6.An aqueous solution that conducts electricity and tastes sour.
12.Elements in the 17th column of the periodic table.
13.A compound that seperates into ions when it dissolves in water.
16.Pure substances.
17.A column on the periodic table.
18.A chemical at the start of a chemical equation.
19.An aqueous solution that conducts electricity and tastes bitter.
1.Ions with a negative charge.
2.A solid formed from the reaction of two solutions.
3.Ions with a positive charge.
7.A property that describs a change from one substance into another.
8.A particule in which atoms are joined by covalent bonds.
9.A periodic element ( Ne )
10.A row on the periodic table.
11.The breakdown of a metal resulting from reactions with chemicals in its environment.
14.A chemical that is produced during a chemical reaction.
15.A numerical scale ranging from 0 to 14 that is used to compare the acidity of solutions.

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