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Healthy Living

Mr Davison

For bright Y7 students

  3         4
  7 8    
    9           10

2.We need this in our bodies where it is not too high or too low (two words 5, 8) (2 Words)
3.We should eat these every day (5 times!)
6.This food type helps with digestion
9.The molecules that digest our food
11.Essential to life and comes from the tap
12.This food type keeps us warm
13.We should eat these every day (5 times!)
1.We need this for growth and repair
2.If we eat the right amounts of the correct things we say our diet is...
3.A good source of protein from the water
4.We need this food type for energy
5.The name given to what people eat when they are looking to lose weight
7.At least 20 mins a day of this to keep us in shape
8.There is a large and small one of these
10.The organ that digests food

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