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Personal Finance

Regan O'Connor

Commerce Words to be found

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1.The activity of buying and selling, especially on a large scale
4.stocks and shares held by an individual
9.Buying without thinking about it
10.Australian Securities and Investments Commission
12.money received on a regular basis
13.when a business or person is unable to pay his or her debts
14.A loan
15.sum payable to as profit for shares
2.Type of payment received by a salesman
3.a person who owes money
5.A payment made for the use of money that has been borrowed
6.a way of saving so an employee has some money in retirement
7.Something of value
8.Someone who guarantees to pay back the money if the borrower does not
9.Putting money into something to make a profit
11.A sum paid to authors and musicians

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