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Donald Trump

1 2 3
4 5             6  
12   13                       14
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19           20          

5.Accounting report that shows revenues minus expenses and the balance: _________________ statement.
6.Abbreviation for "Accounts Receivable"
7.A word that describes activities related to farming.
9.Excellent (CLUE: word used in hiring process)
11.The skills that help you to relate, successfully, to people or organizations in other countries (ONE WORD WITH TWO PARTS NO HYPHEN).
13.Skills that enable you to work easily with other people: __________________ skills.
15.Accounting report that show assets, liabilities, and equity. balance _________________.
17.A real estate contract.
18.An accountant would say that the computers at Embassy are these.
19.Adds money to an account.
20.A choice that is written into a contract.
1.If a business is "in the red" a loss has been ___________________.
2.Your KSAs + your personal attributes (characteristics).
3.The simplest format used by a busiiness to keep track of their money (ONE WORD WITH TWO PARTS: NO HYPHYEN)
4.The name for a type of business activity that includes when things are bought, sold, money is borrowed, money is paid back, etc.
10.Skills that be measured and that are usually learned in school or training that you receive on the job.
12.Takes away money from an account.
14.A person who connects a company to the outside world.
16.Abbreviation for "Accounts Payable".

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