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Lesson 6 Crossword Puzzle

Let's have fun!!!

3 4          
5       6      
7         8  
10   11          
12                 13

4.You pay no attention to something.
5.At the correct time (2 Words)
7.You have eaten so much.
9.I have a fight with my friend. I really ________ ________. (2 Words)
11.A question, game, or toy you have to think about carefully to answer it.
12.(adjective) curious -> (adverb) ________
14.You move along behind something.
1.You become aware of something with your nose.
2.Something worries, annoys, or upsets you. It ________s you.
3.A round containner. You can put rice or soup in it.
6.To keep moving from one place to another (2 Words)
8.(adjective) happy -> (adverb) ________
10.If you sleep _______, you sleep deeply and do not wake during your sleep.
13.The past tense of 'hear'

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