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Un monde pour tout le monde

Hope duncan 702

This crossword is about ways to help people with disability and there device they use in there every day life.

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4                               5  
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16   17                      

1.I ues this to research for my project.
4.When my legs are paralyzed I need this when i'am taking a bath.
6.This device helps seniors walk around.
8.You have to have this talent to join oprah.
9.Where you put the plug.
11.I use this when I lost my leg.
13.My best firend is the braille.
15.If i have back pain and I need to clean my carpet.
16.Something you ues to call for reservation at a restaurants.
18.A way to say i love you by useing your hands.
19.Can you please repeat that.
20.This can help you when your partly deaf.
2.This helps me detect colours when I'am shopping for clothing.
3.When i'am blind I need someone to help me cross the street.
5.Something for the blind to read.
7.If am someone that can not speek I need this device.
10.This device helps people how are paralyzed from there hips to toes.
12.I can make your song high or low.
14.Something people use when they are learning.
17.I help blind read.

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