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The following puzzle is generated form the stoies of Rollin Calves and Peanut Man. Read each clue carefully then answer the questions by filling in the puzzle.

1                   2
  3         4
  7   8      

1.George Washington Carver got his college degree in this field
3.George developed many products from this plant
5.When a _ dies he becomes a Rollin Calf.
8.The worst place to hide from a Rollin Calf
9.The book of the Bible used to chase away Rollin Calves
10.Where Rollin Calves would go to re-energize
1.A ghost that cries like an infant.
2.The ghostliest time of the year. ( 2 words) (2 Words)
4.The highest number a Rollin Calf can count to.
5.George was told he could not attened college as he was___
6.Duppy bat, a ghost that comes in the form of a black bat.
7.Rollin Calves were mostly seen as large, fierce looking __

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