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Ms Chua

Choose from the following words which are in the correct word form: comprehend substantial stimulation positive phase foremost indulgent profound inadequate guarantee transformation suffice

2               3
7                 8    

2.The arguments the professor tried to make were too __________ (abstract or "cheem" and were of much too a high a level for me to understand.
5.There is a ____________ (sizeable) amount of sugar in soft drinks – refrain from drinking too much and watch your sugar intake!
7.I think Henry’s parents are very __________ (overly generous; lenient) to buy him whatever he fancies. He will never know the satisfaction of working hard for something he wants.
9.You cannot expect an overnight ____________ (change) just by scolding him once! Patience and love is the only sure way to make him change his rebellious ways.
10.We are now moving on to the third __________ (stage) of the project, the first two parts were tedious but we managed to overcome.
11.You need not feel __________ (not good enough) about yourself as your skills are more than enough for this task.
12.“First and __________ (most important), I would like to thank my parents who encouraged me to pursue my dreams,” said the teary-eyed actress who went on stage to receive the prize.
1.I am absolutely __________ (sure) that I passed I returned you the money last week! Please try to remember.
3.As the new maid does not speak English well, she could not ___________ (understand) the instructions we gave her as she did not even understand the language.
4.___________ (prompting; prodding) is good for the mind – ask questions instead of just blindly copying answers.
6.My mediocre cooking skills should _________ (be enough) in whipping up a decent meal for us this weekend.
8.I can _________ (formally assure) you that he is an efficient worker as I have worked with him for a number of years before.

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