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Computer Tech Terms

Catherine Blackwell

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2.Terminal emulation program that looks like Telnet but encrypts data
3.Set of communication protocols developed by the US Dept. of Defense that enables dissimilar computers 2 share information over a network
7.Secure form of HTTP, used for internet business transactions
8.Protocol that recieves email from SMTP servers,uses TCP port 110, and is used by most email clients
9.Robust update to SSL that works w/ almost any TCP application
10.Protocol that gives current time
12.Transport layer protocol used w/ voice and video transmission, operates on top layer of UDP and provides info about packet sequence, assigns packet data stamp
15.Part of TCP/IP protocol suite that is connectionless, an alternative to TCP
16.Protocol routers use to communicate with hosts 2 determine group membership n order 2 determine which computers want to recieve a multicast
17.Main protocol used to send e-mail
1.Used w/ command line utility 2 determine MAC address that corresponds to paticular IP address
3.TCP/IP protocol functioning at the application layer, provides terminal emulation service over TCP connection, enabling user to assume control over applications on a remote system with no hard disk
4.Alternatice to POP3, supports searching email and using folders
5.TCP/ IP name resolution system that resolves host names to IP addresses
6.Protocol that allows DHCP server to automatically configure settings 4 DHCP client
11.Application used to transfer files
13.Part of TCP/IP protocol suite, operates at layer 4 of the OSI model, and is connection orientated
14.Protocol, messages consist of a single packet and are connectionles, packets determine connectivity between two hosts

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