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Basic Computer Vocabulary 1

Gilbert Hospital Education

A list of vocabualary words that will help to build the basis for computer literacy.

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1.Thin clients function as regular PCs, but lack hard drives and run off a server (2 Words)
6.the permanent memory that is built in your computer aka read only memory
11.which defines the file type of the document (2 Words)
12.the hardware that is used to pass information into the computer (microphone, vitals machine) (2 Words)
13.the working memory of the computer aka random access memory
17.is a file created by a software application
19."binary digit" a series of 1's and 0's smallest unit of computer data
21.the hardware that receives and displays information coming from the computer (2 Words)
23.an objective fact that has no meaning by itself
24.is what stores all your data. It houses the hard disk, where all your files and folders are physically located (2 Words)
25.computer information system
26.two or more computers connected to each other, using common servers, modems and software
2.is focused on managing information related to nursing (2 Words)
3.a visual representation of the file type
4.a collection of 8 smaller units or bits
5.which is a small data storage device that uses flash memory and has a built-in USB connection. (2 Words)
7.the programs or instructions that ell the computer what to do
8.a collection of data stored in one unit, identified by a filename.
9.considered a restart where you restart the operating program without shutting down the computer (2 Words)
10.an access point to plug in peripheral hardward such as mice, gaming controllers, modems, and older printers (2 Words)
14.is the main circuit board of your computer housing other piece of the internal parts of the computer
15.turning the whole computer system on by turning the power on (2 Words)
16.glitches in a new system that need fine tuning "worked out"
18.physical components of the computer system
20.the brain of the computer aka central processing unit
22.Computer viruses are small programs or scripts that can damage your computer, causing security breaches, and ultimate destroying your data on your computer

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