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BTA Given'r


BTA Grade 11 course review crossword!

2 3 4  
5                       6
10 11                    
12 13             14   15
  16 17               18        
19               20          
21           22 23      
  25   26

1.The best dirt bike brand ever
5.A logo that has only text
7.The basic language of web page creation
9.Weebly main GUI
11.Text that is small and above the normanl text
13.Device that outputs video from a computer
17.One of the five elements of web Design
18.Microsofts spreadsheet software
19.Text that is small and below the normanl text
20.A local classified or C2C website
21.the command to center text in HTML
22.My Dirt bike model
24.the foundation comands used in HTML
25.A portable storage device that comes
1.Software that is incharge of manageing files and GUI
2.The component in a computer that is incharge of long term memory
3.A way of storeing and playing music in the 60's
4.Microsofts word prossesing software
6.The type of website that isa customer selling to a customer
8.Microsofts power point software
10.The component in a computer that is incharge of temporary memory
12.The interactive advirtisements system based on the X-Box
14.Device that outputs spoundfrom a computer
15.The type of website that is selling to a customer
16.The type of website that is between a bussiness
21.The buttons clicked to quickly search a web page
23.Device that inputs hand motion to a computer
26.The command in HTML to bold

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