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Understanding Cultural Differences

By the Multicultural Canucks

This cross word encorporates terms from chapter 6, and some answers do have spaces in them. Enjoy and have fun :).

1 2 3             4        
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3.a mental set in which the group and society receive top priority over the individual.
6.refers to casual attitude toward traditions, ceremony, social rule, and rank.
7.Awareness of and willingness to investigate the reason why people of another culture act as they do.
8.emphasis on personal relations and a concern for the welfare of others
11.The aspect of cultural intelligence concerned with the action component.
13.perceive time as a scarce resource and tend to be impatient
14.refers to an emphasis on assertiveness and the acquisition of money and material objects.
15.The ability to conduct business in a diverse, international environment.
1.Cultures that make more extensive use of body language.
2.view time as an unlimited and unending resource and tend to be patient.
4.a mental set in which people see themselves first as an individual and believe that their own interest take priority.
5.An outsider's ability to interpret someone's unfamiliar and ambiguous behaviour the same way a person's compatriots would.
8.Belief that although another person's culture is different from yours, it is equally good.
9.The aspect of cultural intelligence referring to energizing one's actions and building personal confidence.
10.The aspect of cultural intelligence concerned with what a person knows and how he or she can acquire new knowledge.
12.attaches considerable importance to tradition. ceremony, social rule, and rank.

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