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AQA C1 Revision Chemistry

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1.General type of reaction where oxygen is removed from a substance.
3.Produced alongside carbon dioxide when fuel combusts.
5.Poisonous gas produced when incomplete combustion occurs due to lack of oxygen.
6.In a symbol equation, (aq) indicates a substance is dissolved in water and stands for what?
8.Word describing two liquids that do not mix.
9.Process for making ethanol from glucose
10.Series of metals that can be used to predict how they are extracted.
13.Method of separating aluminium from its ore
17.Reaction of alkenes to make plastics
19.Supercontinent early in Earth's history
20.Method for extracting plant oils.
2.Theory put forward by Alfred Wegener
4.Technique of mixing a metal with other elements in order to strengthen it.
7.Subatomic particle with mass of one and charge of zero.
11.Simple test for unsaturation in organic molecules.
12.Hydrocarbon with formula CnH2n
14.Type of rock, that acts as a large carbon sink for the Earth.
15.Advantage of biofuels versus fossil fuels.
16.Process of adding hydrogen to oils to make margarine.
18.Salt of calcium formed when carbon dioxide is bubbled through limewater.

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