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The Scarlet Ibis

The "Hammer" with help from James Hurst

2               3
4   5              
10                 11     12      
14           15      
16           17 18      

2.The weightlifter's muscles were ______ to lift the weights.
5.The soldiers face _____ death if they stay in the open any longer.
8.He was in a very ______ situation.
10.If the students really like Mr. M, they should buy him a _____ desk!
11.Mr. M's team will never ____ to the losers bracket if he can help it.
13.The other teams don't have a ___ of hope to win in volleyping!
14.On Palm Sunday, you get these huge leaves from the church.
15.Ms. Hernandez and Leon, this covers the head of a baby at birth.
16.The tiger liked to eat the deers guts.
18.to come slightly into view
19.The students have a way to ____ Mr. M!
20.Mr. Moore was sneakig into the classroom late yet again.
1.Mr. M is very ____ and proper every day!
3.The saying goes, "put your nose to the ____ ".
4.The Army had a series of operations against the enemy.
6.Be careful with your money or it will go up in smoke!
7.The other team became ____ as Mr. M's team squashed them!
9._____ an upset, Mr. M's team will win the volley ping tournament again!
12.to grab onto
17.The student was slow leaving for the day.

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