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Schedule Work

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1.Relationship where one Work Component relies on another in terms of its starting or ending time.
4.A function that prevents an employee from bring assigned work (e.g. training)
6.Used to manage prerequisites to complete work in a specific area
8.Manages the current week's schedule.
10.Reflects when work can be assigned to a crew
12.Warning notification that is automatically generated when changing conditions require attention.
13.Stops the Work Component from changing its state
15.A permit that has been created, but not submitted to the permit agency
16.Defines the type of crew
19.A piece of work that is scheduled through ARM Scheduler
21.Collection of job packages that reflects the days work
22.Represents a timeframe when the crew is available to perform work.
23.New way that we define a job or project
2.Defines the work and is comprised of three parts (Materials, Labor and Accounting)
3.Non-productive time (e.g. vacation)
5.Times that crews have or do not have access to a location.
7.Reviews and schedules resources (weeks 1-8)
9.Employees trained as first line of support
11.Prevents a Work Componet's scheduled crew and/or scheduled start date and time being altered by Auto Scheduling
14.New term for crew leader
17.Provides the start time and end time for each working day.
18.A collection of documentation associated with a specific Work Request
20.Name of audit that was a driver for the work management project

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