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2.Michael mentioned this pair programming practice website
5.Examples of Requirements Management Systems, i.e. Doors or _______
7.In ______ box testing you know the interfaces but not the internals
8.The test manager is the stakeholder responsible for ______-based testing
12.Risk = ______ x Damage
13.Feasible, testable, and complete are quality attributes of good _________
14.Reliability, scalability, and performance are examples of ________ requirements
15.Ask the customer the five ______ to elicit good requirements
1.Monica's favorite book as a child
3.The act of gathering requirements
4.______ will educate us in social skills today
6.UIW was mentioned during Danny's project overview. It stands for the _________ Instrument Workstation.
9._______ testing helps to catch defects as early as possible
10.Peer ______ can help others solve their own problems
11.TDD helps drive clean _______

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