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Mini Boot Camp - Active Verbs

This puzzle is designed to be used in the USAID Mini-Boot Camp Workshop.

1         2
3 4       5     6  
7             8            
  9 10        
11           12         13          
15           16  
17             18 19       20  
21   22                   23        
24             25          
          26               27
28   29 30                    
      32     33 34 35    
36         37                     38 39  
    40         41                  
45         46       47                    
48       49             50 51
53                           54          
57                 58            

1.Careful examination
4.Place, put into position
7.Comment on, or review
8.Examine carefully or officially
11.Type of verb
12.Try to reach an agreement by discussion
17.Inspect or watch
22.Put together, build
23.Put together, set upright
24.Develop gradully, work
26.Find or fix the value
30.Set down in writing
31.Bring to an end
36.Look through hastily
37.Give along with others
40.seek, obtain or accomplish
42.Integrate, arrange in a coherent unit
43.Fabricate from raw material
45.Cause to come into being
46.Make a distinction between
48.Ask, make a search of
53.Search into, examine
54.Inspection, examination, or evaluation
55.Approximate an opinion of
56.Think about, decide
57.Produce, cause to be
58.Examinie for discovery
59.Initiate or give rise
2.Be present at
3.Perform an original act
5.Provide with
6.Do, carry out, or accomplish
8.Explain the meaning of
9.Reduce by analysis or clear up
10.Scan though
13.Set up, establish, or begin
14.Investiage thoroughly
15.Ascertain the size, amount, or degree of
16.Take out, deduce
18.Put together
19.Find out
20.Bring into being
21.To annotate in recordable fashion
25.Give shape to
27.Make available for use, supply
28.Give an account in words
29.Find out by computation
32.Convey information
33.Decide, form an estimate of
34.Resolve, settle, or decide
35.To make note of
38.Examine to find something
39.Word to avoid
41.Look closely at, test quality
47.Set up, settle, prove, or beyond dispute
49.Combine parts to make complete
50.Direct, regulate
51.Put together
52.Make Clear, set limits

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