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My Crossword Puzzle

Jung Zee Hyo

1           2    
5     6
        9           10  
11                   12      

1.greatness of size or importance
4.the place on the earth's surface which is just above the point inside Earth
9.any of the main divisions of some countries
11.the act or process of corrupting
12.imaginary line around spinning body moves
13.to face bravely and threateningly
14.become unsteady and fall down
2.never having happened before
3.a small piece of metal pressed by the finger to fire a gun
5.the death or suffering of a martym
6.as little as possible; very little
7.violent attack, a sudden one
8.an action done to avoid possible danger, discomfort
9.prominent sticking or stretching out beyond a surface
10.a point of moment of great danger and difficulty

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