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Year 9 Material World

Mrs Lindsay

recap and review of unit

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2.man-made fibres
7.carbon compounds with double and triple bonds
10.small molecules
12.made from clay and have a lower density than metals
16.a fine black powder used as a cosmetic by the ancient Egyptians
20.carbon compounds with single bonds
21.a group of bonded atoms within a carbon compound which behave in a particular way
24.plastics are made from it
26.a polymer used as a non-stick coating
27.chemical bonds between chains
30.a soft plastic used to make clingfilm
32.carbon compounds with triple bonds
33.to cover one metal with a thin plate of another
34.what we should do with used plastic
35.formed when silicon and oxygen join in clay
1.found in most monomers
3.polymers that do not soften when heated, they char instead
4.another element found in monomer and polymers
5.meaning shiny, a property of metals
6.very large molecules made of repeating units
8.polymers which soften when heated
9.a useful property of metals
11.the chemical reactions which join monomers together
14.produces a shiny surface on ceramics porcelain
15.carbon compounds with double bonds
17.all compounds that contain the same functional group
18.fibres obtained from plant and animal products
19.large amounts are found in clay
22.a natural fibre
23.is produced from fine white clay
25.formed when two different monomers alternate in the chain
28.a useful property of metals
29.a polymer created by adding vinegar to milk
30.strong, lightweight and easy to mould
31.formed by mixing metals with other metals and non metals

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