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1.In _______ intestine, most of the food is digested into simpler substances
5.This is where the faeces leaves the body.
6.The process of breaking down food into small particles so that the body can absorb it.
8.This is where food is cut into smaller pieces before it is swallowed.
12.Provides us with warm and energy.
13.Digestion of food takes place in the ________ system.
14.Examples are iron found in leafy vegetables and calcium found in milk.
15.This organ produces acid that kills bacteria.
2.Food are ________ insoluble particles that cannot pass through the small openings in cell membranes.
3.Provides us with energy. Examples are starch found in bread and sugars found in sweets.
4.Helps us grow and repair injured parts.
7.________ are chemical substances that increase speed of digestion.
9.Also known as gullet. No digestion occurs here.
10.These are needed to keep is healthy and prevent diseases. It is needed for strong bones and teeth. We can even get it from the sun.
11.In _______ intestine, water is absorbed.

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