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Renata Funari

Sizer, F.and Whitney, E. Nutrition: Concepts & Controversies. 12. Cengage Learning, 2011. 226-275. Print.

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2.A "nonvitamin" (2 Words)
4.A B- Vitamin found in broccoli, beets and Asparagus
6.A does of this is given to infants at birth to prevent hemorrhage (2 Words)
9.A specific kind of alcohol found in Vitamin E
15.A riboflavin deficiency disease
17.You see this in the cornea, as a symptom of Vitamin A deficiency
19.A discoloration of the skin cause by Vitamin K toxicity
22.A thiamin deficiency disease
23.A deficiency disease of vitamin C. british sailors treated with citrus fruits
24.Protein that is essential for hair and nail growth
26.B Vitamins and Vitamin C (3 Words)
28.An abnormal collection of keratin in a tissue
29.A vitamin D deficiency disease
30.The membrane covering the outer eye
1.A conversion of folate into micrograms (3 Words)
3.A loss of bone density over time
5.Activates iodizing elements
7.This stimulating toxin depletes the body's vitamin C
8.vital for protein metabolism (2 Words)
10.Containing Vitamin A, this is the pigment of cells in the retina that is light-sensitive
11.Protein found in connective tissue, ligaments and tendons
12.A molecule that works with the enzyme to promote the enzymes activity
13.Vitamin A, Vitamin D, Vitamin E and Vitamin K (3 Words)
14.Disruptive molecules (2 Words)
16.Dark green, leafy vegetables are high in this nutrient
18.Produced by plants and stored in our fat tissues (2 Words)
20.A B vitamin vital for energy metabolism
21.The niacin deficiency disease
25.Can be eaten or made in the body by the amino acid, tryptophan
27.Also known as Ascorbic Acid (2 Words)

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