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Food, Digestion and Respiration

Mr Moore

This is a revision Crossword for your end of year test. See how many you can get... if you can't finish it, take it home and use your book or the computer to revise and find the answers!

3 4              
  5 6  
7             8            
    13           14

2.Starch is made of lots of these molecules joined together
3.Essential part of our diet to allow us to stay healthy
7.Main airway through the neck which is held open by rings of cartilage
8.An enzyme which breaks down Starch
11.We call blood that has low O2 levels and is being pumped to the lungs...
13.Muscley bag which is filled with Hydrochloric Acid
16.Tiny blood vessels that allow nutrients and gasses to diffuse into the blood, found in the lungs and on the intestines
1.You would get lots of this food group by eating meat or fish
4.Where our food is absorbed into the body (We have a small and a large one)!
5.The food group which bread belongs to
6.Type of sugar we need for Respiration
9.Tiny air sacks in the lungs that increase the surface area
10.One of the reactants in respiration
12.The products of the respiration are Carbon Dioxide and...
14.The organ that is responsible for pumping blood around the body
15.Food group which if eaten in excess can lead to obesity

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