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Business Communication

Business is FUN!

This puzzle helps grade nine students evaluate their understanding of terms and concepts related to business communication.

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4.The “_______________ _______________” process includes confirming what will happen as a result of the call and thanking the other person for their time.
5.Before transferring a call within the organization, the receptionist must first know the correct _______________ number.
7.A _______________ is a device used to connect a group of telephones to one another or to an outside connection.
9.Using appropriate body language and good _______________ adds to the delivery of the conversation.
10.Give a _______________ _______________ as soon as you pick up the receiver by greeting the caller, announcing the company’s name and department as well as your name.
13.Professor Syng places a call to your company. This is an example of a/an _______________call.
14.Another word for good manners: _______________
15.The first _______________ seconds after picking up the receiver are critical!
1.One must be _______________ when answering the telephone.
2.The receptionist has to build _______________ with customers while answering the telephone.
3.Special words or expressions that are used by a particular profession or group and are difficult for others to understand are called _______________.
6.A _______________ is an official government journal containing lists of government appointments, vacancies and general information.
8.First _______________ last!
11.When answering the telephone one should avoid all forms of communication _______________ such as complex language, distractions, and sounding fearful and aggressive.
12.The telephone _______________ is used to obtain contact numbers for individuals and business places.

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