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General Bible Knowledge

Michelle Metcalfe

You might need your Bible Story book to help you!

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2.Which of Joseph's brothers did not want to kill him?
7.What was the special tent called where the Israelites worshipped?
8.These animals did not eat Daniel!
12.Who was really behind Samson's strength?
13.A little girl told Naaman how to get rid of this disease.
14.Israel's last good king who started to rule at only age 8.
15.Rebekah drew water from a well for these animals.
16.What did Solomon ask Jehovah to give him?
18.What did Rahab hide the spies on?
19.How many floors high was Noah's ark?
1.Dinah's bad friends were from this place.
3.The only things that Daniel,Shadrach, Meshach & Abednego would eat.
4.What was the 9th plague against Egypt?
5.What did Achan hide his stolen things under?
6.Israel's first king.
9.Where did Jehovah ask Jonah to go?
10.This means Jehovah's promise not to flood the whole earth again.
11.Which mountain did Moses climb to get the 10 commandments?
17.What did David pick up and use to kill Goliath?

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