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General Bible Knowlege - Greek Scriptures

Michelle Metcalfe

You may need your Bible Story book to help you!

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3.This bird appeared when Jesus was baptised.
6.This young man became Paul's helper.
9.Jesus told his apostles to become like these and stop arguing!
15.Who did Mary Magdalene see when she looked in Jesus' tomb?
16.Another name for the 'Our Father' prayer.
17.How old was Jairus' daughter when she died and was resurrected?
18.Paul was shipwrecked on this friendly Greek island.
19.What Jewish celebration happened on the night Jesus was arrested?
1.How many days after Jesus died did he go back to heaven?
2.With what 2 things did Jesus miraculously feed the crowds?
4.Jesus first miracle turned water in to this!
5.He was stoned to death for teaching the truth about God.
7.How many silver coins did Judas get to betray Jesus?
8.What animal did Jesus ride into Jerusalem on?
10.The young Jesus was here when his parents lost him.
11.The garden Jesus went to pray in before he was arrested.
12.The woman at the well was one of these.
13.The 1st man who was not a Jew to become a Christian.
14.The thief who was released by Pilate.
17.How many apostles did Jesus choose?

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