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Sea Turtles and Turtles

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4.An adult sea turtle does not eat meat. It is a _______.
5.This turtle lives on land and in water. It has a colored undershell.
7.The largest hard shell turtle is the _____sea turtle.
9.The green sea turtle lays her eggs on the sandy ____she was born
11.A wood turtle lives only on ___________.
13.The turtle with three toes on the hind feet is a ____turtle.
1.A sea turtle uses its' ____for swimming.
2.What type of animal is a turtle
3.All turtles need ____to breathe.
6.This armour is a turtle's protection.
8.A female turtle lays ____evry 2 to 4 years.
9.A turtle does not have teeth.Instead, he/she has a ____
10.Land turtles love to eat a juicy,wiggly___________.
12.The box turtle uses its hind toes to ____itself out of a hole in the ground
14.This turtle hides inside his shell. It closes up the shell with a special hinged door.

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