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Business English


Pre-Intermediate Business Students

1 2 3
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4.a person or a company that pays people to work for them
5.A person that you work with.
7.My company will pay the hotel ... .
8.The ... Department deals with adverts.
10.a small tool or device that does sth useful
11.I find new staff - I work in Human ... .
13.Rimi ... in food products.
15.to keep sth such as a machine or building in good condition by checking or repairing it regularly
16.Easy to use = user ...
21.I got 200 lats ... with my salary.
24.amount of money that is taken off the usual cost of sth
27.the selling of goods to the public, usually through shops
29.Our boss is in ... of ten people.
31.We waited in the department ... .
33.We conducted a customer ... last year.
34.They always ... to the delivery date.
1.Palnned and made well = well ...
2.the activity of planning and organizing the supply of materials, goods and staff
3.They offer cheap gym ... .
6.not happy with someone/something
8.She had a baby and went on ... leave.
9.A person who is paid to work for somebody.
12.I can't ... with this problem right now.
14.Our sub - ... deals with our deliveries.
17.to make the product available to the public for the first time
18.to give a particular name, design, etc. to a product that you sell
20.happening at the beginning; first
22.We ... a personalized service.
25.Our factory has very good quality ... methods.
26.All the people who work for a company.
28.I pay money into a pension ... .
30.Can you ... this? It doesn't look right.
32.A sales ... travels around making sales.

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