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Flagyl (metronidazole)


I'm creating this puzzle for a presentation in my nursing class. It is about the antibiotic Flagyl which is often used for amoebic and anaerobic bacterial infections.

1 2
4 5                          
6                   7 8           9
11                     12              
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  21 22           23 24            

3.Flagyl is mostly excreted in the...
5.A specific STD caused by a parasite.
6.Flagyl is an...
8.Flagyl has been shown to sometimes cause this condition in lab animals.
10.While taking Flagyl, a patient's urine may become...
11.Patients can have a .......-type reaction if they mix Flagyl and alcohol.
12.Taking anticoagulants with Flagyl may increase chances of....
14.Inflammation of the colon is called...
16.A dangerous side affect of Flagyl characterized by low WBC counts.
18.Amoeba are mostly spread in...
19.Amebiasis often occurs in areas where there is poor...
20.You can see if an amoebic infection has been treated by doing a ......test.
21.Patients on Flagyl should avoid drinking...
24.Skin condition treated with topical Flagyl
25.You must be careful of .......... retention in CHF patients taking Flagyl.
26.Place in the body Flagyl works very effectively.
27.Flagyl has.........activity against organisms.
1.The generic name for Flagyl
2.Flagyl is absorbed through the...........tract.
4.A type of intestinal infection that can be treated by Flagyl.
7.One common side affect of Flagyl is the over growth of...
9.Amoeba usually enter the body through...
13.An infection involving amoeba.
15.A type of baceria that lives in the GI tract.
17.Flagyl works by inhibiting the synthesis of...
22.Flagyl is primarily metabolized in the...
23.A medication whose levels must be monitored in patients taking Flagyl.

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