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Vocabulary Review

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4     5          
7       8           9
10     11                          
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1.The piece of paper you get when you graduate from high school
5.The piece of paper you get for graduating from college/university.
6.A percentage of sales that salespeople get.
8.To check the validity of something
10.Giving people in your team assignments.
12.Skills related to education or schooling.
15.Skills you have that are important for a job you are trying to get or already have.
16.A day when employees are allowed to wear comfortable clothes.
18.The things or tasks we think are most important.
19.Someone who is very sociable, friendly, and likes to talk to people is _____.
20.10 years
1.If an employee does something wrong, they might be __________ by the company.
2.Skills related to languages
3.If you meet someone who lives far away but you want to stay friends with you should get their address so you can ___.
4.Take money out of a bank account.
7.A system of giving rewards or bonuses to employees for doing well.
9.Someone a company asks for advice about how to improve.
11.To give power to.
13.The event in which people are competing to become the leader by receiving votes.
14.Vacation time that employees are allowed to have every year and still receive their salaries.
16.A person who is being considered for a job is a __________.
17.We need to ______________ the meeting room before 3pm.

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