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Hindu Scriptures

Mr J

WJEC A Level Hinduism

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1.The Bhagavad Gita tells the story of who was preparing to fight his cousins in war
8.The highest of the four castes.Priests
9.The monkey God
11.The great epic of the Bharats
15.Sanskrit word meaning near to
16.This word means "Celestial Song"
17.A retreat centre where people stay to receive instruction and guidance from a Guru
19.The meaning of Bhagavad
20.These are remembered truths
21.Tells the story of Rama and Sita
2.A handbook for priests to guide them in the performance of rituals and sacrifices
3.A school of philosophical thought
4.Another collection of Hindu scriptures, very philosophical
5.Contains 5977 verses of magical formulae and early scientific knowledge
6.Collection of 1028 Hymns
7.Sanskrit word meaning to sit
10.Sanskrit word meaning down
12.The highest goal of Moksha
13.The Holy books of the Hindus
14.Deals with melodies and chants for sacred Hymns
18.Learnt by heart and passed down by word of mouth

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