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Personality Adjectives

1 2
    3 4
6           7          
8             9

6."I always see the negative side of things, even in good situations."
8."I hate meeting new people. I feel embarassed and don't know what to say."
10."I always tell the truth. I never lie."
11."I would do anything for my friends and family. I am always there when they need me."
13.'"I get into arguments with people a lot. I will do anything to win."
14."I swear a lot. I chew gum when I am talking to people, and I never say please or thank you."
1."I hate sharing with other people.I want to keep everything for myself."
2."I never panic. I always try to stay relaxed and level-headed."
3."I love drawing, painting and sculpting."
4.'I love meeting new people. I love talking to people"
5."I always se the positive side of things, even in bad situations."
7."I am top of my class, I find it easy to learn new things. i'm clever."
9."I have loads of energy. I'm always on the go"
11."I hate work. I love doing nothing."
12."I hate when people have things that I want."

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