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From Boston to Atlanta

Rick Ghormley

Braves Baseball History

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  10 11                  
        12           13
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2.Gave up 715
5.Ended a Hall of Fame career in Boston
6.Legendary pitching coach
8.Managed the Braves for one game
11.Ended a Hall of Fame career in Milwaukee
12.His arm couldn't overcome his mouth
14.Won pennant in 1992 on his mad dash
16.Pitched and won a game for the '78 Braves after a seven year layoff
17.Called Larry at Shea
18.Won three Cy Young's in a row
20.Last Boston World Series opponent
22.Manager Fred...
23.Broadcaster known as The Professor
24."... and Sain and Pray for Rain"
25.Pitched thirteen perfect innings against the Braves and lost
26.Played in all three Braves cities
1.In 1959 the Braves finished the season tied with them
3.1960 featured no-hitters by these two
4.The Road Runner
6.1914 " ... Braves"
7.Married Halle Berry
9.Crafty knuckleballer
10.Manager fired after the 1981 season
13.His brother also played for the Braves
15.Intentionally wore the number of Ted Turner's TV Channel
16.Won three complete game victories in 1957 World Series
18.Many believe he should be in the Hall of Fame
19.Slugger hit record setting home run
21.Manager shared his name with a President

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