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1.Primary function of hairs is...
5.Layer of skin giving elasticity and extensibility. Houses blood vessels, nerves, hair follicles, and glands
10.oily substance from oil gland
12.Function of the Skin
14.Oil gland attatched to hair follicles
15.Function of the Skin
18.Function of the Skin
22.colour of nails is an indication of
26.Epidermis along the proximal border of the nail
27.Glands that produce ear wax
29.superficial portion of the hair
30.the portion that is visible
2.Function of the Skin
3.90% of epidermal cells
4.Corpuscles of touch
6.Layer with pigmentation
7.Layer also know as the hypodermis / superfiscial fascia
8.Ear wax
9."epi" means ...
11.Signals that gives rise to sensations of warmth, coolness, pain, tickling and itching
13.Smooth muscle for goosebumps
16.Sweat Gland
17.Nail/Hair: the portion that is buried in a fold of skin
19.Hair: surrounds the root and matrix where hair grows.
20."sub" means ...
21.Function of the Skin
23.yellow orange pigment
24.Function of the Skin
25.Skin/Hair pigment from pale yellow to black
28.Nail : where growth occurs

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