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1 2
5 6                        
7       8    

3.helping, supporting, supplemental
5.the condensed chromosomes by which a cell that is undergoing mitosis can be identified (2 Words)
9.not malignant, not recurrent, favorable for recovery
10.present at birth
11.the removal of a piece of a tumor or lesion for examination (2 Words)
1.increase in the size of an organ or tissue or cell
2.the removal of an entire tumor or lesion in addition to a margin of surrounding tissue for examination (2 Words)
3.decrease in size or complete wasting of an organ or tissue or cell
4.plural of viscus; any large interior organ in any of the great body cavities, especially those in the abdomen
6.produced by treatment
7.change in tissue to a lower or less active form
8.the abnormal increase in the number of normal cells in the normal arrangement in an organ or a tissue or a cell

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